Italy will host the 57th Venice Biennale 2017, Viva Art Viva that starts from May 13th ending in November. Dedicated to art lovers Venice Biennale is an arts organization based in Venice. La Biennale di Venezia is a contemporary visual art exhibition which is held biennially, in ‘odd-numbered’ years. The Biennale Foundation is continuously supporting the art and artists by organizing various events. Among other … Continue reading

Ocean Basket in Jeddah

A red carpet, flowers, lights greeted guests at the opening of the Kingdom’s second Ocean Basket in Khaladiya district last Wednesday. Senior executives from Ocean Basket, TARFEEH, and SEDCO, as well as several consul generals and representatives from corporate and government sectors attended the open of the South African seafood chain in Jeddah. “There are no dominant international seafood chains in Saudi Arabia and hence … Continue reading Ocean Basket in Jeddah

DAH, IISJ glowing torches at DAHMUN closing ceremony

JEDDAH — The 6th annual conference of Dar Al-Hekma Model United Nations (DAHMUN) themed “The light of Justice: A Glowing Torch or Burnt-Out Flame?” came to an end last week. It concluded with a splendid closing ceremony at Dar Al-Hekma (DAH) University’s auditorium. Huda Abdul Wahid, undersecretary for substantive content and correspondence, delivered the opening appreciative message. Rabeeah Al-Nadwi, vice-undersecretary for substantive content and webmaster, … Continue reading DAH, IISJ glowing torches at DAHMUN closing ceremony

Community Helpers at Al-Awael School

Can you imagine working as a Doctor, nurse, chef or at a bookstore while you are young and in school? It sounds unreal, but little doctors, tiny teachers, small farmers, young police officer and several other tiny tots presented themselves as a useful individual of their community at Al-Awael Private School. Students dressed up in the most make-believe costumes to prove themselves as future community … Continue reading Community Helpers at Al-Awael School

Take a Step to Save the Earth

Heat waves, heavy rainfall, floods and rise in sea level are all sign of Global Warming. It is the worst side effect of human activities and progress.  It is caused threat to animals as the climate change causes them to migrate and they might not be able to survive in the new climate. What can you do to play your part and prevent global warming … Continue reading Take a Step to Save the Earth

Heba Abed at Florence

Saudi artist Heba Abed successfully represented herself beyond boundaries at Florence Biennale last month. Florence Biennale is an historic event that occurs every two years in the heart of Italy. The first Florence Bienniale took place in 1997 with a gathering of artists from all over the world. It is one of the most complete and diversified contemporary art exhibitions in the world, with internationally … Continue reading Heba Abed at Florence

Friendly computers

Nisma Rafiq  Saudi Gazette Jeddah- There is one thing common in every home and every school. Computers are everywhere! Back in the days when computer was introduced in households, people enjoyed by just scrolling the screen and playing ping pong over it. Not everyone had the luxury of internet, however computer itself was fun and helpful. Now a days, computers have doubled their efficiency with … Continue reading Friendly computers

Young Artist : Maliha Aftab

Nisma Rafiq Saudi Gazette Jeddah – Eminent artist Van Gough once said, “I Dream my painting, and then I paint my dream”. It can be considered as the base of a true artist who dares to make his dream a reality. Many people first witnessed a young enthusiastic girl at Jeddah Youthistha forum at Dar Al Hekma University where she stunned everyone by narrating her … Continue reading Young Artist : Maliha Aftab